Should this site continue?

Posted by Jessica Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm getting bored with this.  Since no one ever comments I have no idea if anyone ever comes here, and I'm getting tired of putting in all the effort for no one.  If you are a fan of the site and want it to continue, comment here and let me know.  Otherwise I think I may be done.  Thanks...


  1. Well it should be contine because I loved this site... I come here almost everyday just about :) so if you shut the site down, I wounld't be able to get any news form here agian.

  2. jlmbabii Says:
  3. Aww Jess! we're still here! I know I don't comment, but I do come on and check out the stuff.

  4. AzzIzz Says:
  5. girl, don't give up!


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