Bonus Scenes From 'What Chilli Wants'

Posted by Jessica Thursday, April 1, 2010

[SEE FULL STORY FOR VIDEOS] 'What Chilli Wants' premieres April 11th...


  1. K Says:
  2. 1st clip...Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LAWD GEEZus..i know Floyd did not just pull out a gold fork & spoon.. that's taking flashy to a new Chilli & MISSY are too DaMN Funny!!!!!!Missy telling her about her picky ways..and Chilli throwing something at her..I damn near fell on the Floor...LMAOOOOOO

    2nd Clip..Floyd is just toooo much lol,,,homeboy was counting money the whole time...tionna is Hilarious.(did she say.. Honey Bunches of Oats..deaddd).he is a little Extra..maybe he can calm it down a lil around Chilli..Well CAN"T WAIT TO WATCH THE SHOWWWWWWW..LOVE ITTTT

  3. AzzIzz Says:
  4. ooh, I wish I could see it :(

  5. oh god dayum I wanna see this I can't wait! as much as I love listening to tlc this will be a good realty show for chilli


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